Investor Protection Collateral

This is the collateral an investor requires to secure their position in
your transaction. In the unfortunate event you default on your obligations,
the investor will access this collateral to satisfy your obligations so that
the investor does not take a loss. Please note: Some investors will not invest
without collateral to secure their investment. Some examples are:
Security deposits, co-signers & key-person insurance.
"This collateral is event triggered"

Owner Protection Collateral

This is the collateral that will secure you and your family from financial devastation. Some examples are:
Extended warranties, health insurance & disability insurance.
"This collateral is event triggered"

Liquidating Collateralâ„¢

This is collateral that returns a portion of your financial reset
amount to your investor for you. This collateral is not triggered
by an event. It is triggered at a predetermined time in the future,
this is why the collateral is issued in advanced for the investor to
review. When accepted by the investor, the amount of money owed
the investor at that time in the future is immediately credited against
your account at closing if your portion is prepaid at closing. This can
liquidate a 30 year mortgage reset in as little as 12 months. If you do
not prepay your obligation and fail to make the required payments as
scheduled, the collateral will cancel and you are responsible for the
balanced of your financial reset owed the investor.
"This collateral is time triggered"