Allocation Collateral

This is the collateral a lender requires to secure their position
in your transaction. In the event you default on your payments,
the lender will cash this collateral to satisfy your obligations and
prevents the lender from taking a loss. Some lenders will not lend to
start up ventures without collateral to secure the loan.

Bankable Collateral

This is the collateral that will make your leased bank instruments able to
be monetized. Unfortunately, most people who lease instruments are not
aware that the bankable portion of the instrument does not covey with the
instrument. If you cannot take your instrument to the institution that
issued it and to get it monetized you do not have the most important
part of the instrument (the bankable portion).

Liquidating Collateral

This is the collateral that repays your loan for you and liquidates to the lender without you defaulting.